Monday, March 21, 2005

Kayla Likes a Good Cumshot to the Face

Completely-Kayla is a great facial site. Kayla has a smokin' body and love cum on her face. She share a lot of good pics on her site. She loves sucking cock. Plenty of wet facials

Completely-Kayla Pics 1
Completely-Kayla Pics 2
Completely-Kayla Pics 3
Completely-Kayla Pics 4
Completely-Kayla Pics 5
Completely-Kayla Pics 6
Completely-Kayla Pics 7
Completely-Kayla Pics 8
Completely-Kayla Pics 9
Completely-Kayla Pics 10
Completely-Kayla Pics 11
Completely-Kayla Pics 12
Completely-Kayla Pics 13
Completely-Kayla Pics 14
Completely-Kayla Pics 15

Saturday, March 19, 2005

ThroatJobs is The Deep Throat Kings

ThroatJob is hands down the best deep throat site I've found. They drive big cock deep in these girls little mouths. Their faces end up covered in throat slime. This site is a must see for any deep throat fan.

ThroatJob Pics 1
ThroatJob Pics 2
ThroatJob Pics 3
ThroatJob Pics 4
ThroatJob Pics 5
ThroatJob Pics 6
ThroatJob Pics 7
ThroatJob Pics 8
ThroatJob Pics 9
ThroatJob Pics 10
ThroatJob Pics 11
ThroatJob Pics 12
ThroatJob Pics 13
ThroatJob Pics 14
ThroatJoba Pics 14

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Amateur Facials These boys know how to find them, fuck them, and facial them. This site has a shit load of content. College age girls getting cum covered faces. These girls love to share a load with each other ever once in a while, too Check out some of their pics.

Amateur Facial Pics 1
Amateur Facial Pics 2
Amateur Facial Pics 3
Amateur Facial Pics 4
Amateur Facial Pics 5
Amateur Facial Pics 6
Amateur Facial Pics 7
Amateur Facial Pics 8
Amateur Facial Pics 9
Amateur Facial Pics 10
Amateur Facial Pics 11
Amateur Facial Pics 12
Amateur Facial Pics 13
Amateur Facial Pics 14

Facial Fun for All

This blog wil bededicated to Stickey facials. Messy cumshot after sumshot. Look for pics in my second post.
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